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How to Plan A Park Wedding 
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Park wedding ceremonies can be traditional, formal, casual, rustic, southwestern, or any style that you can think of.    Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Chandler, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, Scottsdale, and Fountain Hills are some of the most popular destinations.  With a little help and good advice you can plan a park wedding.   
The Valley of the Sun has more than 325 days of annual sunshine and with only 7.66 to 8.32 inches of rain per year, the area offers an ideal setting for outdoor and park weddings.     Beautiful sunsets, desert landscapes, majestic mountains, lakes, and predictable weather, are top reasons brides and grooms have been  selecting Arizona parks  for their weddings.  

This beautiful Gilbert Park wedding is just one example.  The bride choose a natural setting with a nature theme for her ceremony.  It was simple and romantic.

Elopement wedding Gilbert AZ Freestone Park Wedding

Lakeside wedding GilbertGilbert Park Wedding

Outdoor wedding popularity is on the rise.    Gardens and parks top the list of outdoor locales for weddings.  Having a wedding outdoors can be a beautiful event, but  outdoor weddings must take Mother Nature into  consideration.   Planning a Park  can be exciting and fun.   The following are a few tips for planning a park wedding. 

Choose the Site
Before settling on a ceremony site, visit it several times during the same season, day of the week, and time of day as you plan to marry.  It’s important to visit your wedding site and view the surroundings as your guests will experience them on your wedding day. Consider where and how the sun shines at that hour of the day, so guests won’t be blinded and uncomfortable.   Make sure the venue is set up so everyone can have an unobstructed view of the happy couple.   Keep temperature in mind.   Take note of pedestrian traffic, ambient noise,  and the position of the sun—this will determine where you place your officiant, bridal party, and guests.

You should make sure the park is appropriate for the type of wedding you envision.

Things to consider:  number of guests, informal gathering without seating, formal gathering with seating, decorations, if you will have the wedding and reception at the park.    Logistics of catering, set-up, clean-up,and  utilities.

Official Business      

Once you’ve determined the perfect place, contact the park’s administrative office and find out what they require for a wedding.  Quite often, you do not need a permit if you are having a small gathering of guests, do not want to reserve a particular space, or if you will not be setting up tents, chairs, or having music.    The park regulations will state whether you will be allowed to bring in chairs, decorations, tents, toilets, serve alcohol and   play music.  Read the fine print to see if there’s a cleanup stipulation—many parks charge fines for garbage left behind.  After you get the information from the Parks and Recreation department

 you will know if you have to reserve the site.  

Wedding Officiant

Make sure you find an officiant that is willing to work at that location.

AZ Ceremony would love to help you create your dream ceremony.  To schedule a wedding officiant please contact us call  480-269-3219     email    or use the form below:

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Mark the Location

Point the way. Let guests know where to find you by including detailed directions with your invitations or on your wedding web site.  Be specific about where they should assemble.  If the park allows it, have signs pointing guests in the right direction.   Have  several greeters along the way to assist guests.    Having official  greeters to  welcome all invitees, point your guests  in the right direct,  will  also discourage drop-ins and uninvited guests.

Have a Back-up Plan

Have a back-up plan – rain, shine or something in between you want to have an alternate plan just in case.   Therefore,  ensure that the venue has an indoor option, or  have an indoor option close the park,  or at the least a suitable outdoor sheltered area like a tent or gazebo.  It pays to always have a Plan B.   In the case of inclement weather,  you  could hold your ceremony at the home of a  friend or relative who lives close to your original location.   Print the address and a phone number to call on  a rain card, and include it in your invitations so guests know exactly where to go if it rains.    That way, guests won’t have to scramble with alternative  instructions  the day of the wedding.   Consider renting a tent or a gazebo and make sure they are allowed at the park.    

 Dress Accordingly  

For  the bride  and groom, outdoor conditions should  be factored into wardrobe decisions.  A shorter gown, a gown without a train,  or more casual clothing may work better for outdoor weddings.   Keep weather conditions in mind when choosing your attire, you will want to dress accordingly.  You will also want to choose appropriate attire for your wedding party.  Remember, it’s not just about looking good, but about feeling good.

Wedding Flowers

An outdoor wedding calls for a bouquet that can brave all sort of weather.   Mums, alstromeria, and calla lilies survive better than other blooms on a warm sunny day. They are use to the heat so they stay fresh and vibrant longer.  Roses may be popular wedding day picks, but are not good for outdoor weddings because they wilt quickly. Also avoid  wildflower and  flowers such as tulips and daffodils.    Sturdy blossoms like sunflowers and heather are good choices.   After you make your selection, ask  your florist if they can apply a preservative to the flowers that will help them stay fresh.  Once your flowers arrive, immediately place them in a bucket of cold water. If stems can’t be submerged in water, at least find a cool shady spot for your flowers.

Consider these other tips to increase the fun and keep stress at bay.

 Expect the unexpected.     Unexpected guests may show up to your wedding in the form of the furry, feathered,  and flying crawling insects.   Keep in mind seasonal allergies and insect invaders at an outdoor wedding.  You don’t want guests sneezing and swatting pests  and being annoyed during the wedding.   Unexpected breezes and  wind can cause problems.   Wind can launch tablecloths, set favors and decorations airborne.   It can also catch your veil and blow hairstyles into disarray. There also may be ambient noises or other distractions to consider.  Make preparations such as table clips, tie down decorations, secured  tables, have the ceremony and reception in a gazebo or secured tent.    Make sure you ask the Parks and Recreation Department if there will be any other events on that day such as sporting events, parades, marathons, of if they expect a lot of people to be attending the park on that day.   You will want to make sure there is plenty of parking, restrooms, and space available for your ceremony.  Consider car pooling, or having a courtesy shuttle, or bringing in portable restrooms for your guests.  

Just in Case
Because you can never be too prepared, keep the following on hand.

You may want to have a courtesy guest basket with the following items:      Bug Repellent Towelettes, Bottled Water, Umbrellas, Paper Fans, Sunscreen,  Hand Sanitizer,  Paper Towels, Citronella Candles, Tissues,

The following make nice favors for an outdoor or  park wedding and are useful gifts during the ceremony:          

Sun glasses, flip flops, individual tissue packets, and just for fun wedding bubbles.

AZ Ceremony would love the help you plan the perfect park wedding.  Contact us today for a complementary planning session.   Call 480-269-3219 or email or use the form below:

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