Wedding Ceremony Limo

Wedding Ceremony Limo


You are planning your wedding day, you have the flowers, the dress, the venue, the caterer and AZ Ceremony is your officiant.   You have thought of every thing except the transportation service.   Have you considered who you will choose for your wedding ceremony limo service?     Even before the wedding celebration begins, you  should consider wedding ceremony limo or a limo for your  your bachelorette and bachelor party.   There are many companies in the metro-Phoenix area.   One of the premier companies is Phoenix Limo Bus.  Click here for more info:  limo

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 Wedding ceremony limo

Weddings, Bachelor, and Bachelorette Parties

There is nothing more special than a wedding, and we work hard to help make yours wonderful. Book one of our gorgeous limos to pick you up, take you to the church, drive to all of your picture locations, and then get you to your reception. We are punctual and dependable, and you can trust that we will get you where you need to go. If you want to have one last celebration while you are single, give us a call for that, too! Party buses are perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Load it up with all of your closest friends and family members, and have the time of your life! Our drivers know all of the best clubs and restaurants, and you are bound to have fun. We cannot wait to help you celebrate your big day!

Digital Hearts Photography

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Tan Lines Ruin Wedding Photos


1. Tanning

Wanna get that sun-bronzed   glow before your big day?

Tan Lines Ruin Wedding

Bad Tan Lines Can Ruin Your Big Day Photo by Evil Erin


Remember that tan lines look awful in photos. If you must   tan make sure you do so au’naturale and avoid strappy sandals to prevent unpleasant tan lines in your photos.

2.  Forgetting your hands and feet

Remember that your hands will be photographed up close so pay attention to your manicure.  Choose a classic simple manicure and pedicure.Avoid garish colors or trends.

3. You set an unrealistic schedule

Photography takes time, and setting an unrealistic schedule will run the risk that you miss key photographs.  Set realistic expectations with your photographer and wedding planner to make sure you have time to photograph everyone and everything you want. Once the moment is gone, it’s gone forever.

4.  Blowing your budget

Many wedding photographers charge their fee and then charge an additional print cost on top of that, which can easily double or triple your photography budget.  Make sure you ask your photographer if they include print-release digital copies of your images that you can keep and make your own prints.

(Hint: At Digital Hearts Photo, we include all your wedding day edited images as print-released for you to keep forever!)

5. Not getting your eyebrows done or overdoing them!

Don’t forget to wax your eyebrows but don’t do it too close to your wedding day. What happens if you get a really bad wax job? There’s no gluing your eyebrows back on! Find a qualified aesthetician you can trust three months before the ceremony, then schedule your wedding day wax a week ahead of time to give the redness and swelling time to go away.

Wedding Day Eyebrow Waxing Disaster
Wedding Day Eyebrow Waxing Disaster

6. Buying a “Skinny Dress”

if you’re like me, you’ll buy the next size down because surely you’ll slim down before your wedding.  Maybe you will and maybe not, but if you don’t you’ll find yourself miserable, stuffed into an ill-fitting dress and it will look awful in your photos.

7. Choosing the wrong photographer

Okay this may sound self serving (and it is), but your photographer is the single most important choice you can make to your images beautiful. Remember, expensive doesn’t always mean best.  Meet your photographer and make sure they “get” you and understand what you want.

At Digital Hearts Photo we feel like we’re a perfect blend of price point and an extra helping of heart! We offer trained photographers and take the time to get to know our clients so your images are breathtaking.

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